Here’s What You Get When You Join:

Included with the program:

Plus Get These Exclusive Bonuses – Total Value $1,500

Here’s a Complete Breakdown

10 LIVE 1-hour Sessions (Via Zoom)

These LIVE 1-hour weekly sessions provide you with the training and tools you need to finally create the life of your dreams.

Session Replays

Get access to all 10 session recordings for 12 months.

10 Session Workbooks

Each week you will receive a session workbook that reviews the highlights of the session and includes exercises to reinforce what you have learned.  

Personalized Life Transformation Plan

Your Life Transformation Plan is created during the program and defines your personalized, unique action plan to follow long after the program is over.

Direct access to Regina via the Private Facebook group

Our PRIVATE Facebook group is where all participants can safely share their thoughts, ideas, and questions.

Collaborate interactively with Regina and other participants inside this forum.

2 Live group Q&A sessions during the 10-week program

These two Q&A sessions will help answer any questions you have on the course materials, exercises, and Life Transformation Plan details.

FINDING ME™ - ½ hour private one-to-one session with Regina during the 10 weeks to use as needed.

Need to drill down deep into your plan? Need help in defining your goals?

During this ½ hour, private one-to-one session with Regina, you can ask any questions you have to gain clarity on your journey and get the most out of this program.

BONUS #1 - 14 Days of Gratitude Journal

The first bonus that you get after joining the program is access to my 14 Days of Gratitude Journal.

This 14-day journal, complete with daily prompts, is set up to ensure you are in a gratitude mindset, so you begin to attract more things to be grateful for. 

BONUS #2 - Daily Habit Tracker

The second bonus is the Daily Habit Tracker. Use this tracker weekly to get a clear view of your current habit patterns.

This tracker will help you see where you may be unconsciously stuck and help you shift your mindset and replace bad habits with new positive habits that reinforce your new Ideal Self. 

BONUS #3 - Understanding Energy & Vibration 101

The third bonus is my Understanding Energy & Vibration 101 guide. 

This guide dives into the science behind how attraction works and helps you understand how the energy of your thoughts and actions affect the success of your goals. 

Bonus #4 - The 10 Best Practices for Living Your Best Life Now

The fourth bonus is my 10 Best Practices for Living Your Best Life Now.

This paper outlines my top 10 practices to print and keep handy as a daily reminder. 

Bonus #5 - The Art of “No” – 5 Tips on How to Say No with Confidence.

The fifth bonus is my Art of Saying No – 5 Tips on How to Say No with Confidence.

This report will help stop you from over-committing yourself by giving you the tips you need to say “No.” with confidence. 

BONUS #6 - The 10 Best Time Management Tips to Create More Time Freedom. (PDF)

The last bonus is my 10 Best Time Management Tips to Create More Time Freedom report.

This report lists my top 10 tips for adding more time to your day to relive stress and create more YOU time. 

Here’s what you get when you join:

Included with the program:

Plus Get These Exclusive Bonuses – Total Value $1,500

FINDING ME™ Guarantee

We want you to feel safe and secure that when you complete the course, do the exercises, and take the actions suggested, you are going to be able to use what you learn to create the life of your dreams.

If you are not completely satisfied with your results after 90 days, we will get on a call to discuss why you are not getting the expected results and see if maybe some extra one-on-one time is needed to really have the content sink in. If after that call we determine that you have completed all the work but are still not moving closer to your desired goal, we will happily refund your entire tuition.

Why would we offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire program at our risk?

If you participate fully in the FINDING ME™ program, complete all the online classes, do your homework, and take the necessary actions suggested to youand you do not get the results you expected, then deserve your money back. 

No other program like this guarantees results! 

What Are Others Saying?

Terri Levine

“This program is fully endorsed by Terri Levine, the founder of The Coaching Institute ( and it is the first and only program like this that she has ever endorsed.”

Carolyn Travers

“As a Health Coach, I have enjoyed Regina’s Finding Me Classes. Helping people with their nutritional, emotional, hormonal, and weight loss needs, the classes have a wonderful way of centering me, helping me stay focused and on target to manage my time. Regina is a motivational leader and has a deep passion for what she does. I highly recommend signing up for her next class sessions. As a seasoned Health Professional, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. These classes have been the shot in the arm I needed. Sign up soon as I know the class will fill up fast.”

Diane Langlois

“I spent over 50 years living my life to meet other people’s expectations – parents, husband(s), kids. I did everything to make sure everyone else was happy. I finally came to the realization that it was time to find out what I actually wanted from my life and start living for me.  And I had no clue where to start! Then Regina introduced me to her FINDING ME program. In just 10 short weeks, I learned more about myself and what I genuinely want from my life than I ever had in the past. It was a huge eye-opener! Regina walked me through step-by-step and we created my Life Transformation Plan where I now have a complete outline of my goals AND apersonalized action plan to make sure I reach them all. This program shifted my mindset for good. Now I know I can take care of those I love while still taking care of me and really living the life of my dreams.”

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